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Invest In Your Future

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Secure your financial future with personalized investment plans built by our experts.​
Benefit from the expertise of Polynesie Wealth private management

Experience unparalleled excellence at Polynesia Wealth, where we epitomize the zenith of wealth management, underpinned by meticulous and expansive financial research and scrutiny.

We position ourselves not merely as a service provider but as your steadfast ally in stewarding family assets and navigating the labyrinth of your most audacious financial aspirations.

Our suite of offerings spans beyond the conventional: from bespoke portfolio design, strategic intergenerational wealth and estate orchestration, to efficient family governance structures. Furthermore, we ensure your investments align with modern sustainable paradigms, embracing ESG-compliant ventures, and more, all tailored to your unique narrative.


Each client benefits from a complete analysis of their financial situation.​


Invest in more than 15 countries for maximum diversification.​


Invest in more than 8 asset classes for optimal returns on your financial assets.​


Our advisors have over 20 years of experience in public markets investing.​
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A diversified approach

To mitigate inherent stock market fluctuations, we rely on a highly diversified investment approach. We explore alternative asset classes, such as private equity, mortgages, private debt and institutional grade real estate, thereby broadening the spectrum of our investment opportunities and increasing the potential for risk-adjusted returns for our customers.​

Polynesia Wealth, institutional quality for our individual investors.

Tailor-made investment solutions.

Combination of institutional expertise and personalized approach.

Portfolios aligned with individual interests while respecting institutional standards.​


  • Rigorous risk management.

  • Cutting-edge expertise and research.

  • Access to global investment opportunities.

  • High standards of compliance and reporting.​


  • Personalization of investment strategies.

  • Flexibility in asset allocations.

  • Responsiveness and personal attention.

  • Alignment with individual values and priorities.​


The essence of our wealth management​

At Polynesia Wealth, we believe that the essence of exceptional wealth management is rooted in genuine, personal relationships. For each esteemed ultra-high net worth individual we serve, we delve deep into understanding their distinct ambitions and the intricacies of their financial landscape. This enables us to craft a tailored financial blueprint and meticulously execute bespoke wealth management strategies.

In an era trending towards standardized private management services, we stand apart. Our commitment is to foster genuine human connections and provide investment solutions that are anything but generic. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we design investment strategies that truly echo the individuality of each client.

But our role transcends that of mere advisors. We envision ourselves as your trusted allies, wholeheartedly dedicated to transforming your aspirations into tangible realities. Whether you're contemplating early retirement, acquiring a luxurious villa overseas, navigating the complexities of a business sale, or embarking on other significant life ventures, our promise is to dynamically adapt and refine your wealth strategy, ensuring your objectives are met.

Guided by a forward-looking ethos, our endeavors center around the preservation and augmentation of your assets, fostering both tranquility and enduring financial prosperity. The trust you repose in us is a cherished privilege. We remain unwaveringly committed to being your steadfast partners, not just today, but for the generations to come.

Portfolio management and wealth planning​

At Polynesia Wealth, we pride ourselves on deep specialization rather than broad generalizations. Our forte lies in expertly curating specialist investments, ensuring that our discerning clientele, wherever they may be, harness the full potential of our unparalleled portfolio-building prowess.

In collaboration with esteemed global partners, we meticulously design portfolios that are a true reflection of your bespoke risk appetite and aspirations. Beyond mere numbers, we are attuned to ensuring your investments resonate with your core values, particularly your dedication to environmental stewardship.

Our wealth management maestros adopt a holistic, tailored approach, encapsulating every facet of your financial narrative. We intricately harmonize asset management strategies with intricate considerations, from prevailing tax landscapes to your specific residential and personal contexts.


Foreseeing pivotal moments in your financial journey, be it acquiring a lavish overseas property, orchestrating a business transition, or philanthropic endeavors, we architect your assets with precision, safeguarding your legacy and the financial future of those you hold dear. Our expansive experience across diverse investment avenues, from bonds and equities to real estate and private equity, empowers our analyses, ensuring your wealth thrives under our guidance.

Our distinctive strengths

At Polynesia Wealth, we transcend traditional investment paradigms, expanding beyond customary avenues like SCPIs, life insurance, or mutual funds. Our esteemed clientele enjoy exclusive access to an eclectic blend of asset classes. From the vibrancy of stock markets and the solidity of real estate to the exclusivity of private capital and the breadth of public assets, we unlock a plethora of investment vistas. This broad spectrum not only amplifies growth potential but ensures a meticulously curated, diversified stewardship of our clients' legacies.

A diversified solution, tailored to you​

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Professionals you can trust.​

Speak with us to gain insight into your finances and beyond.

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