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Our People


At the heart of Polynesia Wealth, our management team embodies our vision of excellence and innovation in wealth management. Made up of distinguished leaders with impressive professional backgrounds, our management team is dedicated to guiding Polynesia Wealth towards new heights of excellence and success.

Each of our leaders brings a unique wealth of knowledge and experience, from strategic business management to finance and technology expertise. They are the driving force behind our ongoing commitment to providing exceptional wealth management services that not only meet our clients' needs, but anticipate them.

Our leaders are distinguished by their ability to merge traditional perspectives with innovative approaches, resulting in investment strategies that are both prudent and progressive. They are engaged in a constant process of adaptation and evolution, ensuring that the wealth of Polynesia remains at the forefront of the industry.

Transparency, integrity and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our leadership. By creating an environment where innovation thrives and the best ideas take shape, our leaders ensure that Polynesia Wealth not only meets expectations, but consistently exceeds them, setting new standards in the management industry . of heritage.

Investment Advisory Board 

At Polynesia Wealth, our Investment Advisory Committee represents the core of our expertise and integrity. Made up of professionals with diverse and highly qualified profiles, our committee embodies excellence in the field of investment and wealth management.

Our members, with remarkable experience and expertise, range from PhDs in artificial intelligence, reflecting our commitment to innovation and technology, to MSc holders, bringing a rigorous and analytical approach to investment management.

Within the committee, we also have experienced portfolio managers and recognized researchers. This diversity of skills and perspectives ensures that every investment decision is the result of in-depth analysis and a comprehensive understanding of markets and technology trends.

Our commitment to experience, expertise and trust translates into an investment approach that aims not only to achieve optimal returns but also to build lasting and transparent relationships with our clients.

The Polynesia Wealth Investment Advisory Committee is the pillar on which our promise to offer you personalized and cutting-edge investment strategies, aligned with your financial goals and values, rests.

Legal & Accounting Advisory Board 

At Polynesia Wealth, we understand the importance of tailored legal and accounting expertise for our clients. We work closely with a leading law firm locally, specializing in business law and taxation, with a significant presence in the Pacific and in Paris.


We also offer our clients privileged access to law firms with expertise in criminal law, land law, as well as Notary office.


In addition, our network includes accounting firms of both local and international renown, thus guaranteeing flawless tax and financial management.​


Join our dedicated and passionate team at Polynesia Wealth.

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