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An integrated approach to Environmental, Social and Governance, ESG investing

We believe that full ESG integration requires real commitment.

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Strengthening our portfolio

At Polynesia Wealth, we believe that full integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria requires sincere commitment. We take a responsibility-based approach to our investors, being prudent managers of capital. Thus, our ESG approach is not simply about checking boxes, but is embodied in the active promotion of sustainability, diversity and good governance, pillars which strengthen the resilience and performance of our portfolio.

Integration of ESG priorities

As a leader in wealth management, we are committed to the transition from a “WILD” economy (wasteful, inefficient, inequitable and polluting) to a “CLIC” economy (circular, efficient, inclusive and clean). We identify and invest in companies that are exploiting the opportunities in this transition to a net-zero emissions economy, which we believe is the greatest investment opportunity of our time.

Eco-Responsible Asset Management

Polynesia Wealth is proud to present its eco-responsible wealth management approach, which is part of an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) investment perspective. This approach is structured around three main themes:

Negative selection

We exclude specific companies or industries from our portfolio based on ESG criteria, eliminating those involved in controversial activities. This aligns our investments with our ethical and environmental commitments.


We focus our resources on sectors aligned with ESG objectives, such as renewable energies or health. This allows us to contribute to global solutions while generating solid returns.

Active corporate engagement

We work proactively with the companies we invest in, engaging in dialogue on ESG issues and collaborating to improve their practices. This promotes lasting change and positive influence.

Responsible Investment

Our approach to sustainable investing delves deeper than standard ESG benchmarks. Not only do we evaluate a company's practices, but we also scrutinize their operations and geographical footprints.


By proactively gauging the alignment of business models with sustainability trends and evaluating exposure to climate-centric risks, we position ourselves at the vanguard of sustainable investment.

In our investment decision-making, ESG principles are woven in, championing responsible investment without compromising client performance. To uphold this ethos, our fundamental analysis is bolstered by specialized ESG evaluations and insights from industry experts.

On a monthly basis, we embark on quantitative and ESG-centric evaluations of our internally-managed equity investments. This ensures we stay abreast of rating shifts and any potential ESG discrepancies. Significant variations are systematically examined and become focal points during our tri-weekly portfolio deliberations.

Through proactive engagement and leading by example, Polynesia Wealth emerges not merely as a conscientious actor in wealth management but as a definitive trailblazer in sustainable investing.

What is impact investing?

The concept of “impact investing” was first coined in 2007, gaining significant traction since its inception. Its most widely accepted definition is traced back to a 2010 joint report by J.P. Morgan, the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), and the Rockefeller Foundation, which describes it as “investments designed to generate a positive impact beyond financial returns.” Contrary to a passive "do no harm" stance, impact investors proactively direct capital towards resolving societal challenges.

In line with this ethos, impact investing stands as a cornerstone of Polynesia Wealth's investment paradigm. For us, the journey doesn't halt at mere financial gains; we endeavor for real-world positive ramifications, both socially and environmentally. We're staunchly dedicated to channeling investments towards pivotal social and environmental resolutions.

Consequently, our impact investment arm casts a wide net, spanning both nascent and mature markets, and aims for diverse returns, ranging from sub-market to market rates, contingent upon our clients' bespoke goals. This pioneering strategy infuses much-needed capital to combat global urgencies in sectors such as sustainable agriculture, green energy, conservation, microfinance, and indispensable amenities like housing, healthcare, and education.

Our commitment to impact investing is emblematic of our broader “social finance” strategy. This approach conscientiously weaves environmental and social considerations into our investment matrices. At Polynesia Wealth, we're anchored in the conviction that wealth generation should walk in tandem with enduring positive societal and environmental outcomes.

Please refer to the appended diagram below for a graphical representation.


Diagram from Rally Assets, The Impact Investing Guidebook for Foundations

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“At Polynesia Wealth, we merge ESG with our mission to create lasting value for our clients. We adopt wealth management strategies that benefit both the global economy and the prosperity of our clients, putting forward responsible and sustainable investments for a more prosperous future."

Toerau Deane
Managing Partner & Co-CIO

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