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Comprehensive and integrated financial planning.

A consolidated vision of your personal and business assets

At Polynesia Wealth, we recognize that financial planning is a uniquely personal journey for each individual. It's more than just managing assets; it's about forging a harmonious link between your financial objectives and personal aspirations. Within our framework, financial planning adopts a distinct shape, adhering to a rigorously structured, detailed, and meticulous process—all aimed at crafting a bespoke action plan tailored to you.

Our approach begins with an in-depth analysis of your current financial landscape. From there, we develop recommendations attuned to your specific banking needs, investment goals, and overarching concerns. To us, your wealth transcends mere investment returns. Our holistic wealth management philosophy encompasses the full spectrum of your financial world—investments, taxes, estates, insurance, and beyond.

With Polynesia Wealth at your side, we illuminate potential gaps and harness latent opportunities. Our goal is to refine your financial strategy, transforming intricate challenges into streamlined successes.


Assessment of your professional and personal financial needs to maintain your current lifestyle. ​

Dollar Notes

Wealth protection​

Your risk management needs today, and the best protection provisions for the future.

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Provisions for charitable donations, and ongoing funding for causes that are important to you.​

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The best portfolio management solutions according to your investor profile.​

Share Prices


Administrative procedures, and necessary structures to be put into place to protect you and your heirs.​


Business transfer​

The necessary framework to ensure the continuity, transfer, liquidation or dissolution of your business.​

Business Meeting

Always attentive to your expectations, we work with you to meet your needs.

Our financial management process intertwines several crucial elements, all harmoniously interacting. This intricate balance demands meticulous and judicious oversight, bolstered by strategic tax planning, ensuring optimal preservation of your assets. Moreover, we firmly believe in the necessity of a robust legal foundation to support your decisions, providing you with unparalleled peace of mind.

Develop your financial assets

We develop a robust financial plan that encompasses your entire financial situation and identifies opportunities for growth.​

Protect your assets

Our qualified advisors design a solid plan that secures your portfolio and meets your expectations.​

Create your legacy​

We ensure your plan works beyond your lifetime through careful estate planning.​

Build a robust financial plan with Polynesia Wealth​

Wealth Management Beyond Investment Returns

Wealth management transcends mere investment returns. It's about crafting an encompassing financial plan offering a panoramic view of your entire financial landscape. At Polynesia Wealth, we anchor our approach on three cardinal pillars: amplifying your wealth, safeguarding it, and sculpting your legacy.

1. Augmenting Your Assets

Constructing and sustaining a formidable financial blueprint mandates a deep dive into your holistic financial stance, accommodating your evolving requisites. We're steadfast in our belief that an intimate grasp of your complete financial scenario empowers us to devise a plan spotlighting avenues for wealth augmentation and operational efficiencies.

Reflect upon:

  • When was the last time you drafted or refreshed a comprehensive financial plan?

  • Are you aware of your present asset allocation and risk appetite?

  • Post deductions for fees, are you conversant with the returns on your assets?

  • Have you projected the capital requisite to realize your retirement aspirations?

  • Is your compensation structure primed for tax efficiency?


2. Fortifying Your Assets

Shielding your assets against the unpredictabilities of market oscillations is paramount. Our investment philosophy, grounded in cash flow and asset diversification, has traditionally furnished stability and bolstered the overarching financial blueprint.

The experts at Polynesia Wealth excel in orchestrating robust financial blueprints dedicated to your portfolio's protection. In collaboration with your circle of professionals, like accountants and attorneys, we offer nuanced retirement planning insights.

Ponder over:

  • Are your investments yielding satisfactory income and cash flow?

  • Is your real estate ensemble diversified with non-correlated assets, such as private or public equities?

  • Is your insurance configured as an asset category, seamlessly integrated into your investment strategy?

  • Have you assessed your loans and mortgages for interest cost minimization and potential tax deductions?

  • Are you braced for the potential expenses of impending healthcare needs?


3. Sculpting Your Legacy

While charting a financial map remains a prime objective, ensuring its efficacy posthumously is equally pivotal. Estate planning serves as a beacon, guaranteeing your dear ones' welfare and the accurate execution of your desires.

For numerous clients, legacy creation and philanthropy are at the forefront of planning. Our Ona Mau Foundation presents clients an avenue for tax-efficient benefaction, anchored in cash flow-positive investments, facilitating enduring contributions.

Reflect on:

  • Are your heirs equipped to steward this wealth?

  • How do you plan to mitigate the financial repercussions post your demise?

  • What's your vision for your legacy's creation?

  • Have you explored in-kind charitable donations in the present context?

Integrated strategies

Retirement modeling​

Our proprietary tools help you define your savings strategy today and maximize cash flow during retirement.​

Business planning​

Analyze business structures to optimize after-tax compensation and wealth accumulation.​

Fiscal planning

Comprehensive review of your tax planning opportunities to identify and implement strategies that maximize after-tax savings.​

Estate planning​

Plan, design and map your estate to establish a tax-efficient and clear path to transfer your wealth to your family.​

Charitable donation​

Maximize the impact of your charitable donations today and as part of your estate, while planning and using tax benefits correctly.​

A world class level of service​

Catering to the sophisticated financial requisites of our ultra-high net worth international clientele, Polynesia Wealth epitomizes cross-border wealth management excellence.

Irrespective of your geographical footprint, we seamlessly align with your global aspirations, ensuring the optimal elevation of your financial stature.

Our nimble and astute professionals craft all-encompassing financial strategies, eschewing geographical constraints, tailored to cater to your precise investment, tax, and estate planning needs.

With Polynesia Wealth, intricate global financial intricacies are distilled into effortless simplicity, yielding harmoniously orchestrated wealth on a truly global scale.

Integrate your charitable donations​

The Onā Mau Foundation is a legal, registered charity that offers you the opportunity to contribute to one or more causes that are important to you.

It not only allows you to rationalize your donations, but also to guarantee a real impact.

We support our clients in their charitable efforts by developing an integrated plan that includes giving as a key aspect.​

“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”
Peter Drucker​

Professionals you can trust.​

Speak with us to gain insight into your finances and beyond.​

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