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Tailor-Made Wealth Management

Build Together

At Polynesia Wealth, our ethos is firmly anchored in three foundational pillars: trust, transparency, and growth. We're resolute in our belief that these tenets pave the way for enduring and fruitful partnerships with our clientele.


Our financial odysseys with clients invariably commence with the establishment of unwavering trust. We earn this by investing time to genuinely attune to and discern the intricacies of your financial visions and aspirations. Celebrating your uniqueness, we are unwaveringly dedicated to crafting wealth management blueprints that resonate with your distinct requirements.

Transparency isn't just a value—it's our commitment. Throughout our investment journey together, we pledge unfiltered, candid communication. We remain at your beck and call, eager to address queries and clarify any facet of our collaboration. Further reinforcing this transparency, your privacy stands sacrosanct to us. We zealously guard your information, ensuring it remains confidential.

Growth, our third pillar, is the culmination of our efforts. Our objective is steadfast: nurturing sustainable appreciation of your assets over time, harnessing both our in-house expertise and insights from our esteemed external partners. We delve deep into rigorous research and comprehensive financial assessments, pinpointing lucrative investment avenues. Yet, our strategies are fluid—adapting seamlessly to the market's ever-evolving pulse.

Polynesia Wealth aspires to bestow upon you an unparalleled wealth management journey, unwaveringly upholding our triad of trust, transparency, and growth. Entrust us with your financial narrative, and experience a bespoke strategy that evolves with each chapter of your life.

Our Mission

As a leader in the wealth management field, Polynesia Wealth is dedicated to providing innovative visions and strategic partnerships for sophisticated investors, whether local or international.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to innovation, ethics and sustainability, proactively anticipating market trends to navigate the ever-changing financial landscape with agility. ​


Driven by the values of trust, growth and transparency, we are much more than simple wealth managers. We are your partner of choice, creating personalized and exceptional solutions, designed specifically to meet the demands of ultra-high net worth clients.​

Our Philosophy

At Polynesia Wealth, we build our work on an in-depth knowledge of your aspirations.


We are committed to designing wealth management strategies that accurately reflect your vision of the future, your financial goals, your wealth perspective and the intergenerational handover.

Our primary mission is to find the perfect balance between risk and profitability, in order to generate sustainable value for our investors, the perfect risk-adjusted return.


We are not just wealth managers, we are architects of your financial future, dedicated to transforming your aspirations into tangible realities.​

Our Values

At Polynesia Wealth, we are deeply committed to our values which define our character and our culture.​

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Our Ambition

"Cultivating and growing your wealth is an art, based on trust, a clear vision, and constant innovation. At Polynesia Wealth, we apply principles of transparency, integrity, and rigor to turn each opportunity into significant growth. We are not just your financial advisor; we are your trusted partner, committed to helping you achieve your most ambitious financial goals and transform your wealth into a lasting legacy for future generations."

Dorian Chin, President of Polynesia Wealth

Professionals you can trust.

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